27-30 September 2021




The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) is the world’s most sensitive facility for millimeter/submillimeter astronomical observations, and will soon be fully operational in all of the originally planned bands. Since its first observations, ALMA has routinely delivered groundbreaking scientific results that span nearly all areas of astrophysics. Only future instrumentation upgrades and improvements can help ALMA continue as the field leader along this path.

The vision for ALMA's future development is described in the ALMA Development Roadmap. In order to implement this vision a series of three workshops has been envisioned in conjunction with corresponding working groups defining the appropriate scientific and technical specifications. Following the first two workshops held in 2020 to discuss potential correlator and digitizer upgrades that will realize the ALMA 2030 vision, we plan to complete the workshop trilogy with this ALMA Front-End Development Workshop.

This workshop is intended to be relatively small and focused, but we explicitly welcome participation from all ALMA regions and the rest of the world. The workshop will be held online. Abstracts will be due 15 July 2021.



08-12 November 2021

Waseda University

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


This meeting will focus on the latest results on high-redshift galaxies from ALMA.  The topics will include the epoch of reionization, high-spatial resolution studies, blind surveys, simulations of high-redshift galaxies, and measurement of the physical properties of the galaxies.