28 February - 04 March 2022

UCLA Lake Arrohead Lodge

Lake Arrowhead, California, USA


The far infrared contains critical information about galactic ecosystem; The circle of life of stars and planets. What is the initiation of interstellar chemistry -- via light hydrides? What is the role of feedback (from young and old stars) on the interstellar medium (ISM)? What is the role of magnetic fields in the evolution of the ISM and star formation?

SOFIA provides a flexible, and our currently only, general access to the far infrared (30-300 µm) and its tracers of atomic and molecular lines and FIR polarization. This conference will allow in-person discussions of the results and future opportunities in studying galactic ecosystem using FIR methods, from SOFIA and other platforms. A goal will be to explore synergy with other observatories, including JWST and ALMA, and with theory.

Visit the website for registration informatio and other preliminary information about the meeting. The registration deadline in 15 December 2021, with late registration available until 14 February 2022.



02-04 March 2022
Online Meeting

This meeting, organized by the European ALMA Regional Centre Network, will be the first in a series of events aimed at undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and young postdocs working with ALMA. The goals of the workshop are not only to disseminate new ALMA research results but also to encourage young researchers to network with other people, including staff in the EU ARC, and to foster new collaborations and new research projects.

The deadline for abstract submission is 31 January. The registration form can be accessed through the meeting website.