Dublin, Ireland

The goal of this workshop is to help people make the most of their interferometric data, focussing primarily on eMerlin and ALMA data. The workshop will primarily focus on hands-on data processing activities using the CASA software, but the agenda will also include a brief review of both telescopes current capabilities; the general principles and techniques of interferometry and image analysis.

Attendees may choose to either bring their own data, or use the provided ALMA and eMerlin datasets that we will prepare in advance. Please download your chosen data in advance or arrange to have your data downloaded before coming to the workshop; the organisers can help you with this if necessary.

The example datasets and accompanying scripts can be found here:

Workshop data and scripts

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DAY 1: Monday 10 September

09:30: Welcome.

09:45: Introduction to e-MERLIN.

- Instrument capabilities.

10:15: Introduction to ALMA.

- Instrument capabilities.

10:45: --- Break ---

11:15:      The fundamentals of interferometry.

- Two element interferometer.
- Complex visibilities.
uv-coverage and observable size scales.
- Simulations (hands on). [script and data here]

12:00:      Introduction to the Datasets and Source

-   Introduction to IRAS16293-2422
-   What is in the ALMA dataset
-   What is in the e-MERLIN dataset
-   Introducing the CASA Measurement Set structure
-   Starting CASA.

12:30:      --- LUNCH --- 

13:30:      Introduction to Calibration: General calibration principles for interferometry

-   Flux scaling
-   Bandpass calibration
-   Complex gain (Amplitude and Phase) calibration

14:30:      Introduction to Calibration: Apriori calibration steps

Apriori steps for e-MERLIN.
-   Preforming the ALMA Apriori Calibration steps (hands on).

16:00:      Proposal preparation

- Introduction to the software tools for proposing for e-MERLIN or ALMA observations.

17:00:      End


DAY 2: Tuesday 11 September

09:00:        Interferometric data reduction Part 1: Calibration ALMA

-  Hands on calibration of ALMA IRAS16293 data.

12:10:       Special topic short talk: ALMA Science

12:30:      --- LUNCH ---

13:30:    Interferometric data reduction Part 2: Calibration e-MERLIN

-   Hands on calibration of e-MERLIN 3C277.1 data.

       16:40:     Special topic short talk: e-MERLIN Science

17:00:      End




DAY 3: Wednesday 12 September

09:00:     Introduction to Imaging: General imaging principles for interferometry

10:30:      Interferometric data reduction Part 2: Imaging

-  Hands on imaging of the IRAS16293 data. 

- ALMA (IRAS16293)

- e-MERLIN (3C277.1)

12:10:      Special topic short talk: TBD


12:30:      --- LUNCH ---

13:30:      Interferometric data reduction Part 2: continued.

-   During this session we will present the e-MERLIN and ALMA pipelines.

16:00:     Advanced imaging techniques: Image analysis, image moments, spectral line fitting.

17:00:      End



This event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730562 [RadioNet]