Alan Turing Building

University of Manchester



With the ALMA Cycle 3 proposal deadline scheduled for mid-April, this meeting will serve as an opportunity for UK astronomers to present the science results which they have obtained with existing ALMA data and to discuss the next steps that can be taken with ALMA, covering all areas of ALMA science. Science discussion will take place on the 30th March 2015. On 31st March 2015, we will hold a series of workshop sessions on proposal preparation, following which the UK ARC Node staff will be available to assist observers with Cycle 3 proposal work.



Monday 30 March

11:00 George Bendo Meeting introduction
11:10 Tom Muxlow Introduction to ALMA and ALMA Cycle 3 capabilities
11:30 Patrick Roche Update from the ALMA board
12:15 Rowan Smith Theoretical Molecular Clouds in ALMA
12:45   Lunch
14:00 Tyler Bourke A stellar Census of Dense Cores in Cham I. Has star-formation stopped?
14:30 Katharine Johnston An ALMA view of high-mass star formation in AFGL 4176
15:00 Anita Richards Masers and ALMA's high resolution capabilities
15:30   Coffee
16:00 George Bendo ALMA Observations of 99 GHz free-free and H40α line emission from star formation in the centre of NGC 253
16:30 James Mullaney ALMA's view of star-formation around growing black holes
17:00 Chain-Chou Chen On the triggering mechanisms of bright submillimeter galaxies
17:30 Ismael Perez-Fournon Herschel-selected high redshift galaxies


Tuesday 31 March

09:00 Anita Richards Introduction to interferometry
09:45 Adam Avison Observing Support Tool (talk and hands-on activities)
10:30   Coffee
11:00 George Bendo Observing Tool (hands-on demonstration)
12:15   Lunch
13:15   Proposal preparation and one-on-one support



The meeting will be held in the Lovell Room on the third floor of the Alan Turing Building at the University of Manchester.  Campus maps and general Manchester travel information are available from here. The Alan Turing Building, which is marked as building 46 on campus maps, is located on Upper Brook Street between Booth Street East and Brunswick Street.

The University of Manchester is located southeast of the Manchester City Centre.  People travelling by train can will probably arrive at Manchester Piccadilly Station.  From there, it is possible to either walk (20 minutes) or to take a taxi (5-10 mintes; £5).  People driving to the meeting can use the adjacent car park on Booth Street East.