The two ALMA transporters moving antennas.  Credit: A. Russell/ESO.
The two ALMA transporters moving antennas. Credit: A. Russell/ESO.


Interferometric Data Processing Workshop: Dublin

10-12 Sep 2018


Dublin, Ireland


The goal of this workshop, lead by experts from the UK ALMA Regional Centre node and e-Merlin National Facility data, is to help people make the most of their interferometric data. The workshop will primarily focus on hands-on data processing activities using the CASA software, but the agenda will also include a brief review of both telescopes' current capabilities. Attendees may choose to either bring their own data, use ALMA data from the archive, or use one of the example ALMA or eMerlin data sets that we will prepare in advance.

People who wish to attend can fill in the conference registration form.


CASA 5.3 released

The latest version of the Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) package, v5.3.0, is now available. CASA is developed by NRAO, ESO, NAOJ, and ASIAA and is used for the offline reduction and analysis of both ALMA and VLA data. Full support is provided for ALMA and VLA, but can processes most other datasets written in the uvfits format (e.g, CARMA, SMA, ATCA). CASA 5.3.0 can now be obtained from the CASA download page.


ALMA Automasking CASA guide

A new CASA guide has been released to show the new "automasking" capabilities of tclean in CASA. Referred to as ‘auto-multithresh’, this algorithm attempts to duplicate what an experienced user would do when manually masking images. It can be used by setting the usemask option in tclean to ’auto-multithresh’. A full description of the algorithm is given in the CASA documentation. Its use is described in the CASA guide.