UK ALMA Science Meeting 2015

30 March - 31 March 2015

Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester

We are pleased to announce that registration is open for the UK ALMA Science Meeting 2015.

The meeting will take place at JBCA (Manchester) from the 30th to 31st March 2015, (prior to the the ALMA Cycle 3 call for proposals deadline). The meeting is intended to present the science results of ALMA projects conducted by UK PIs/Co-Is in all areas of astronomy. The schedule will feature both invited and submitted presentations and take place over two days. During the meeting and afterwards, the UK ARC Node staff will be available to help people with their ALMA Cycle 3 proposals, with tutorials, group meeting rooms and one-on-one support available on April 1st.

Registration and talk title/abstract submission can be found at the meeting page


UK ARC Facilities available for 'Busy Weeks'

The UK ARC Node would like to advertise the use of our facilities to the community for the organisation of small project meetings / data reduction sessions (e.g. 'busy weeks') for groups of ALMA uses or for general interferometry work. UK ARC Node staff would be available for assistance and consultation on interferometric data processing during such meetings. Such busy weeks (or days) can be scheduled during less busy periods of the ALMA observing cycle sequence, when they are not fully in use for their primary function (face-to-face ALMA user support), such as in the Call for Proposal periods or at the end of an observing Cycle. If your project team is interested in using these facilities for a meeting please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..