End of ALMA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals

The ALMA Cycle 3 Call for Proposals ended on 23 April 2015 with ALMA receiving 1582 proposals. This encompasses an estimated 9037 hours of 12-m Array time and 3640 hours ACA time. 

A review of how these proposals breakdown by i) subject ii) executive and iii) ALMA receiver band can be found here.

The ALMA review panel meets in June 2015, with the outcome reported to proposers during August 2015. Cycle 3 observing stars in October 2015 and will continue for 12 months.


Observation Support Tool usage during Cycle 3 CfP

The ALMA Observation Support Tool (OST), hosted at the UK ARC Node, saw its busiest period ever during the ALMA Cycle 3 call for proposals. The total number of simulations completed was greater than during any previous CfP despite the CfP being shorter. 

A short report on OST usage during this period, including daily usage, OST response times, a breakdown of international usage and comparisons to previous CfPs can be found here.

The UK ARC Node would like to thank all those who used the OST for their proposals this CfP.