ALMA Cycle 3 is Underway

Observing for ALMA Cycle 3 is now underway, starting in an extended configuration. Cycle 3 will continue until the end of September 2016, and PIs with projects within this cycle will be hearing from their ARC Node Contact Scientists in the coming weeks and months to inspect their scheduling blocks.


UK ALMA Science Meetings 2016 Survey

The UK ALMA Regional Centre is seeking input from the UK Astronomy community for the types of events they would like to see in the coming year. 

We currently considering the following types of meeting:

  • Array Combination Workshop: A general workshop on interferometric and single dish data combination, which will not only cover combining ALMA configurations and Total Power but also other combinations such as e-MERLIN  with VLA or VLBI data.
  • ALMA Community Days: A workshop focusing on preparation for Cycle 4 proposal submission using the OT and OST that also includes a short introduction to data reduction with CASA.
  • ALMA Data Reduction Party: An event for PIs with ALMA data (or ALMA archive users) focused on getting the best out of the data. This multi-day event would invite PIs to the UK ARC Node to work on their data with ARC Node staff, to inspect calibration and generate advanced data products.

To let us know which type of meeting you would like please fill in the form at .

The closing date for this survey will be December 11th 2015.


Access to ALMA Archival Data

The UK ARC Node is currently in the process of developing an archive for enhanced user-created products.  This can be used by ALMA astronomers (particularly UK astronomers) to distribute their data to the astronomical community.  More information will be available as the archive is put online.

In addition, the UK ARC Node is available to reprocess data from the ALMA archive on-demand for users who want to work with the archival data but who may not have the expertise to reprocess it.  Also, the UK ARC Node can also provide assistance to people who want guidance on reprocessing archival data.

The UK ARC Node has two examples of reprocessed data products online (at for NGC 253 and CW Leo (IRC +10216).

Please contact us if you would like us to reprocess data for you or help you with reprocessing archival data.


ALMA Postdoc positions at JAO, Chile

The JAO is advertising a position for an ALMA Postdoctoral Fellow. The position will be based in Santiago, with frequent visits to the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF) near San Pedro de Atacama. 

The positions responsibilities will be to support ALMA science operations and work in the JAO Department of Science Operations (DSO). They will perform their duties as part of the large team of international scientists working at the JAO and in the ARCs. 

The full advert with detailed position information can be found at listed as 'ALMA Postdoctoral Fellow'.  The application deadline is 1 Dec 2015.