ESO Community Sesssion

A session for the discussion of current ESO facilities and science results from them.

Time: Thursday 29 March 16:00 - 17:00

Co-chairs: Gary Fuller (Manchester) & Thomas Preibisch (Muenchen)



This session will provide an opportunity to discuss ESO current and future facilities and ESO's interaction with the UK and German user community.




Markus Kissler Patig : ESO: An outlook for the next few years

Magda Arnaboldi: The ESO public survey projects

Nicholas Cross: The First Public Data Releases from the VISTA Science Archive

Pat Roche: News from ESO Council


Note that ALMA will not particularly feature in this session as there is a dedicated ALMA session (INS1) and an ALMA lunch.

Other related sessions: INS2 The European Extremely Large Telescope


ESO Users Committee

Below is a link to the poll being carried out to inform discussion at the 2012 ESO Users Committee. All ESO users, or potential users, are strongly encouraged to complete the poll.

2012 Users' Committee Poll


UK and German ESO Contacts


Below are the names of the UK and German members of various ESO committees in case you would like to contact them.  Their full contact details and the full membership of the committees can be found on the ESO website.

UK Member
German Member
ESO Users Committee
Gary Fuller (Manchester)
  Thomas Preibisch (Muenchen)
Scientific Technical Committee
Rob Ivison (Edinburgh)
Matthias Steinmetz (Potsdam)
ESO Council
Pat Roche (Oxford)
 Thomas Henning (Heidelberg)

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Registration page for NAM2012 (including details for abstract submission).


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